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Prices on Application (POA)

Court Witnessing Skills / Professional Witness rules
Professional / Expert Witnesses incl CSI's / Digital Forensics / Staff Safety Trainers / Traffic Collision Investigators / Forensics
1/2 Day (3hrs CPD)

Course Content

Professional & Expert Witness Rules, Statement Compilation, S9.CJA, Criminal Procedure Rules, Going to Court, How a Court works, Peer Review, Part 19 CPR & professional boundaries.

Course Code APT/03

CSI Cannabis Cultivations - securing best evidence

Crime Scene Investigators, Force Crime Scene management and/or Force CSI trainers, Cannabis Cultivation Dismantling Teams

1 Day (6hrs CPD)

Course Content

Cannabis - The Plant & Identification, Best Evidence & Photography, Scene Dismantling, Health & Safety, identification & handling of controlled drugs & paraphernalia

Course Code APT/02

Services: Services

Drug Expert Evidence Course

For officers with min. 5 years drugs experience / current practising drug experts (refresher)

4 Days (24hrs CPD)

5 Days (30hrs CPD) Mock Court Scenario 

Course Content

Role of an Expert Witness, Criminal Procedure Rules, Content of an Experts Report, *Drug Awareness & routes of administration, *Introduction to PIEDS, Slang, Pricing & Calculations, Peer Review,  Cannabis & Cultivations, Document Interpretation, Court Witnessing Skills, DEWVA & DAG, Final Assessment (*additional expert presenters)


OPTIONAL EXTRA - 5 Day course includes Final Mock Court Cross Examination Exercise

Course Code APT/01

All Course attendees qualify for a FREE 3 month post course Peer Review service

Cannabis Manicuring & Yield Determination

1 Day (6hrs CPD)

Current & Practising Drug Experts

Course Content

Cannabis - The Plant & Identification,  HOC015/2012, Determining Plant Age, Drying & Manicuring process, presentation of documentary evidence.

Course Code APT/08

Drug Testing Kits & Cannabis IDentification

1 Day (6Hrs CPD)

Officers with min. 5 years general policing experience

Course Content

Home Office approved Presumptive Drug Testing Kits & Electronic Devices, CPR, Disputed Test Regime, Cannabis Identification in the Criminal Justice System, EDIT.

Course Code APT/07

drug valuation officers course

1 Day (6hrs CPD)

Officers with min. 2 years drugs experience in GPD or 6 months drugs target team

Course Content

Drug Recognition, Case Law, Pricing & Calculations, Statement layout & presentation of documentary evidence, Peer Review, Possession v PWITS, Role of a Drug Expert. 

Course Code APT/04

Street Drugs, Trends & Diversion

1/2 Day (3Hrs CPD)

Paramedics / Custody Staff / NTE Teams / Street Pastors / Healthcare providers

Course Content

Signs, Symptoms & Behaviours of Drug Users, Drug Death Protocols, Drug Diversion, Addiction & Signposting, Case Studies.

Course Code APT/11

Introduction to the role of Controlled Drug Liaison Officer
(Statutory Role Requirements)
1 Day (6Hrs CPD)

Officers and/or Civilian staff carrying out a CDLO role

Course Content

CDLO role, Health Act 2006, The Controlled Drugs (Supervision of Management and Use) Regulations 2006, CDAO's, CD-LINs, Partnership Working with GPhC & MHRA, Pharmacy & Ward inspections.

Course Code APT/09

3 Days (18Hrs)

We also provide this training at Weekends & Over Night to incorporate permanent Night Working Staff

Course Content

Role of the first aider

Contents of First Aid kits

Recording of incidents and accidents / Assessing the situation in an emergency / 

  • Administer first aid to a casualty who:

    • is unconscious (including seizures)

    • requires cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

    • is choking

    • is wounded or bleeding

    • is in shock

    • has minor conditions – to include: minor cuts, grazes and bruises, minor burns and scalds, small splinters

  • Administer first aid to a casualty with:

    • injuries to bones, muscles, joints including suspected spinal injury

    • sudden poisoning

    • burns and scalds

    • eye injuries

    • anaphylactic shock*

  • Recognise the presence of major illness and provide appropriate first aid including heart attack*, stroke, epilepsy, asthma & diabetes

Course Code APT/10

Drugs Awareness for Foundation & Partners

1/2 Day (3Hrs CPD)

Officers / PCSO's in the early stages of foundation training

and / or

Where drug awareness would be advantageous e.g. Forensic Submissions Staff / LA Wardens / Partner Agencies

Course Content

What is a Drug, Drug Recognition, Signs, Symptoms & Behaviours, Drug Litter, Professional Witnessing Skills, Addiction & Signposting, Solvents, Psychoactive Substances, Nitrous Oxide,

Benzodiazepines, Drugs & Young People.

Course Code APT/05

Police Foundation Cannabis Cultivations & Drug Investigation Skills

1 Day (6Hrs CPD)

Officers in the final stages of foundation training

Course Content

Drug Recognition, Misuse of Drugs Act legislation, Recognising Coded & Slang Terms, Digital Downloads, Interviewing & Questioning Techniques, Cannabis Cultivations Best Evidence & Scene Recording, Scene Dismantling, Health & Safety.

Course Code APT/06

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