Part-time students must attend the Academy during all regular class hours between 7.00pm and 9.00pm on the evenings of their course.

Full-time students must attend the Academy during all regular class hours between 8.30am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday, additional evening/weekend rehearsals and performances may be required, unavailability may result in limited casting opportunities.

All students are expected to complete a physical & vocal warm up each morning before starting any session/day.

Any medical conditions must be made known to the Academy in writing. If any student develops a medical condition while on a Course, details in writing should immediately be notified to the Academy Principal. If it becomes such that a student is unable to continue on the Course satisfactorily, the Principal reserves the right to require the student to leave the Academy.

If a student is unable to attend the Academy for any reason, the Academy should be informed immediately via the academy contact details.

Students are not permitted to give interviews to the press, radio or TV during or after their training without first obtaining the permission of the Principal.

Students are expected at their own expense to make provision for such items as play texts, scripts, photocopying, sheet music, theatre trips, travel costs, etc.

Students should be aware that classes/training may take place at locations other than the Academy regular base and venues, the academy uses a number of satellite venues & public spaces.

The academy uses a number of fringe venues and public spaces and while every effort is made to ensure places are clean to the best of our ability the academy can not guarantee public venues are allergen free and accept no liability whatsoever for this, students are required to take full responsibility for this themselves.

Students should be advised that being unable to work & perform in public venues due to illnesses or allergens may limit casting/performance opportunities.

Any student who wishes to withdraw from a Course should give notice of withdrawal in writing to the Academy’s Principal. The student will not receive any refund from Course fees.

Course deposits are not refundable but this deposit does count towards the students overall course fees.

Please note deposits are non refundable for any reason, at anytime, should a student not attend a course after already paying the course deposit, this deposit remains non refundable, however it may at the principals discretion be transferable to the following year.

Students are not permitted to commence any Course unless all fees due are paid in full at the start of each course.

Please note that in the event any Course is cancelled for any reason no fees already paid will be refunded.

Any charges incurred by the Academy in respect of the payment of fees will be passed on to the student. The Academy reserves the right to make a charge of 10% interest on late payment of any fees.

In the event the Academy considers a student to be in breach of any of the Academy’s Terms and Conditions or any Academy regulations, is disruptive or likely to bring the name of the Academy into disrepute, the Principal reserves the right to immediately exclude any such student.

In the event the Academy considers a student’s attendance to be unsatisfactory, the Principal reserves the right to ask that student to leave the Academy.

In all cases the decision of the Principal is final.

Students at the Academy are expected to adhere to all regulations and any new regulations the Academy introduces.

The Academy accepts no liability for loss or damage to students’ personal possessions.

Damage or loss of Academy property or materials hired/borrowed by a student or students must be paid for by the student or students concerned.

The Academy accepts no liability for injury to any student attending the Academy or any activity relating to the Course.

The Academy shall not be liable for failure or delay in the performance of any obligations or be liable to return fees because of its inability to perform these obligations attributable to acts or omissions such as events beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to fire, flood, or other natural disasters; or war, armed conflict, terrorist attack, civil riots, explosion, accidental damage, collapse of building structures, failure of utility services etc.

The Academy reserves the right to alter, amend, substitute any Course or part thereof as reasonably required at the discretion of the Principal.

Any recorded material by students or tutors for teaching, classwork purposes remains the property of the Academy.

Students must keep the Academy administration fully informed of their current address and contact details at all times.

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